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Car Seats

Car Seat Solutions range of child car seats. Selection of Capsules, Convertibles, Rear & Forward Facing, Harnessed Boosters & Belt Boosters.

Car Seats

Capsules & Bases

Used from Newborn a Capsule Car Seat is convenient and portable. Designed to keep your precious new baby safe and comfortable for every car ride.

Utilising a stay-in-car base and compatible with many strollers a Capsule Car Seat is able to be moved easily with a carry handle without disturbing a settled baby.

Rear & Forward Facing

This stage car seat is designed to begin rear facing for your baby and then transition to forward facing when your toddler meets age, size and weight requirements.

Our range all have adjustable harnesses, headrests, and padding so that they can be tailored to the correct fit for your child.

Harnessed Forward Facing

A dedicated forward facing car seat is for when the child has outgrown their previous seat, but is still too small to use a booster seat with an 3-point seat belt.

These seats utilise the in-built harness which restrains the child and has the ability to increase in height and adapt to your child.

Seat Belt Boosters

We understand that children want to be grown up like their parents and sit in the car without a child seat, especially when they’re getting close to the height / age when they don’t need one. It is important to choose a seat belt booster car seat that doesn’t make them feel like a toddler. The car seat positions the seat belt firmly and correctly on the child’s thighs.

The child is secured using the car’s 3-point seat belt. This will help provide the correct protection for your growing child.


A range of car seat accessories including quality back seat mirrors, vehicle seat protectors and dry seat inlays.  

For vehicles that require installation accessories we also have available locking clips, anchor bolt kits and tether extension straps.