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Maxi Cosi Premium

Car Seat Solutions is a Maxi Cosi Premium European Dealership. We stock a complete range of Maxi Cosi Premium European child car seats including the 2wayFix Family (comprising of Pebble Plus & 2way Pearl seats), AxissFix Plus and CabrioFix etc

Maxi Cosi Premium European Dealer

We are proud to be appointed as the
Official Maxi Cosi Premium European Dealership
for the South Island
— Car Seat Solutions

Our experience means we can offer products and services that let whole families – parents, children and grandparents - get the most enjoyment out of their precious time together.
— Maxi Cosi

As an Official European Maxi Cosi Dealership we can bring you an amazing selection of Premium Child Car Seats. These are exclusive to Car Seat Solutions in a range of sophisticated and stylish colours.

Collaboration between Maxi Cosi and International Designers have produced Special Limited Edition colourways available for the first time in New Zealand.

These Car Seats not only look sophisticated, they’re rugged enough to take you wherever you want to travel. Come in and see our Premium European Maxi Cosi Car Seat range which are all on display and available to purchase at Car Seat Solutions.


Everything done at Maxi-Cosi is done with parents’ tastes and wishes in mind.

Inspired by the seasonal fashion trend, Maxi-Cosi created exciting colour schemes for every new family to express their unique taste.  The new colour range originates from inspirational themes and reflects the attention to detail that goes into every product.

With colour schemes ranging from fiery reds to natural blues, to earthen sands and sculptural black, there’s always a colour that fits your style.

As a Maxi Cosi Premium European Dealership these desirable colourways are available exclusively from Car Seat Solutions instore and online.

What Makes Premium European Maxi-Cosi Car Seats Special?

Maxi Cosi European have been innovating and manufacturing the safest and most practical car seats in the Netherlands for over 30 years. At the forefront of child car seat technology, Maxi Cosi has been helping families to stay safe and secure whilst they discover the world together.

Maxi Cosi understand as a parent, you need to know you have done all you can to give your child the best safety solution when travelling. Setting the standards and repeatedly exceeding even the most stringent government safety requirements, Maxi Cosi European car seats include a choice of ISOFIX compatible products and the new i-Size compliant car seats.

The Maxi Cosi European division have been hard at work continuously testing, researching and developing the safest Maxi Cosi car seats trusted by parents - just like you.

Maxi Cosi's ultra-modern test centres combine the industry’s best research and development teams with advanced and innovative technology                     

I-SIZE Safety Regulations

i-Size is a European car seat regulation, developed using the very latest research into child safety in cars.

  • Improved protection at higher forces for side & front impact with an increased level of protection for head and neck.

  • i-Size also requires Isofix, which has less chance of being incorrectly used than belted car seats.

  • Rearward faced travelling to a minimum of 15 months old.

  • i-Size car seats are designed to be compatible with all ISOFIX cars.

View The Maxi Cosi i-Size Car Seat Range

ISOFIX Connections

European ISOFIX is an internationally standardised car seat fitting system. It provides a rigid, permanent connection between the child car seat and the car chassis. ISOFIX minimises the risk of incorrect installation giving you the safest, easiest and quickest way to fit a child car seat correctly, without using a seat belt.

Maxi Cosi Family

Meet the versatile Maxi Cosi Family, consisting of the Pebble Plus baby car seat, Pearl Smart toddler car seat and FamilyFix One base.

Begin with the Maxi Cosi FamilyFix One base combined with the Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus Capsule and enjoy the convenient click-and-go system for transferring to and from the vehicle and stroller.

When you are ready to transition to the next stage convertible car seat the Maxi Cosi Pearl Smart simply clicks onto the FamilyFix One base. The Pearl Smart allows parents to choose the direction and recline for their child making this one of the most flexible car seats available.

Designed to complement each other perfectly, the three elements comply with the latest European i-Size safety standard.

Available to purchase at Car Seat Solutions.


If your child car seat has been in an accident, you can’t be sure that it’s still safe. Even if you can’t see any damage, it may not function properly. The Maxi-Cosi Premium European Accident Exchange Service offers complete replacement in the event of an accident, giving you peace of mind knowing your child is correctly protected. When your car seat is purchased and registered through Car Seat Solutions this is taken care of for you.